is your client flow a trickle?

Is your copy failing you?

Is social media falling flat?

If you dream of landing pages that convert, or sales page that sell, you’re in the right place.

If you long for your analytics to show different numbers for your social ROI, you’re also in the right place.

Blog posts that people share time and time again. Engagement on every social media platform. They’re all possible. You just need the right inbound strategist on your team – me.

Kristen Jett - Inbound Marketing Strategist

Hi – I’m Kristen.

Marketing has been my life for the last 14 years – with focus being on inbound content marketing and social media.

It’s time for your leads to actually remember you. It’s time for your leads to RAVE over you.

Follow the yellow brick road – it’s time for your marketing dreams to come true.

INBOUND strategy

Inbound is more than just a buzz word – it’s a reliable way to build a relationship with your buyers, to nurture them from just a leads to a raving client.

Imagine a steady flow of clients, naturally becoming more connected and involved with your company, until they finally reach the Big Buy.

Let’s talk – contact me to discuss your needs personally.


Are you giving your buyers what they want to see…or just filling pages with fluff in hopes it helps the search engines find it?

Imagine copy that draws readers in, converts, and is optimized to send you higher up the page rank charts.

Let’s make this happen.

Learn more about my inbound copywriting packages here.

Social Media Strategy

Don’t dabble in social media – it’s time to really connect with the buyers you’re looking for.

Interns are great – but they don’t know the business behind social media. Quit wasting time – and money.

Attract in leads. Grow your brand. Nurture relationships. 

Learn about my social media strategy packages here.




“Kristen is a stellar inbound marketer and SUCH an amazing writer.”

“Kristen is my website genius! One little chit chat about my personal style, and she created all my marketing perfectly. Hot lips. What could be more Georgie?”

“I can honestly say that Kristen Jett is THE most talented writer, marketing guru, and professional in the world. I’d sign it off in blood.”