Your marketing should tell a story.

I’m Kristen, your content strategist.

and I’m here to make sure that happens.

Story Matters

 I’m here to help thought leaders create a narrative that puts their message – and their audience’s journey – first. 

From content strategy to campaign and launch planning to SEO, let’s create the story of where your audience is now, and how they can become the hero of the own story…with your help.

Don’t have time for a narrative shift? Sometimes I even help with ghostwriting behind the scenes. (Shh! I’ll never tell. Will you?)

Content Strategy

You can show up in a million ways – but if it’s all not flowing together to bring your clients to the right offer for them, what’s the point? Let’s tell a cohesive story that your audience can actually flow. 

Campaign Launches

My idea of fun is mapping out a launch campaign that keeps your clients engaged, connecting, and converting at the end. 

Creative Copywriting

A story needs words, right? I like to tell them. Whether you’re looking for your next flywheel or funnel, or need your thought leader book ghostwritten, I’ll match your voice and shine your message.


It’s time for your audience to feel…seen.

It’s time for content that recognizes more than just their fears, but their whole hero journey. 

Let’s Start a Conversation